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Where is The Grand Design?
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A tiny village in Kent. Linked to you by the highest of high technology and a commitment to giving clients the very best.

Not so long ago we had an office in Croydon and another in central London. But we started to question the overheads as much as the fossil fuels burnt every day as we slogged into town with the rest of the stressed-out commuters.

These days our clients join us for lunch in beautiful country pubs. They regularly turn down our offers to come to their offices; preferring to brief us in the quiet beauty of the English countryside.

And the reduction in overhead costs makes life a little sweeter for everyone too!

We are here:
Lower Buckhurst, Markbeech,
Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5NS
t. 01342 850465
f. 01342 850423
e. paul@granddesign.co.uk

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